“Advertise your business 24/7” — you hear it from every ISP in the world. The problem is this — your website may or may not be working for you 24/7, and you’d never know.

What could be worse than one of your customers telling you: “Hey, good to see you. I’ve been trying to pull up your website for the last couple of weeks but I couldn’t. Did you give it up?

If you’re reading our site, then you know you need monitoring. But why us? We offer inexpensive, full service, professional monitoring of Internet-connected domains and servers. Monitoring is not our main business – we’re an Internet Service Provider too, so monitoring our own network and the networks of our ISP customers is critical to our success. We also believe in “simple”. We know what works and what doesn’t, what is necessary and what isn’t. As a result of 20 years experience as an ISP, we bundle our primary services into a couple of useful and simple choices.

notification options

Standard Package: our basic “Website Monitoring” package monitors the availability of your website 24/7/365 every 5 minutes (optionally every mintue). If your website isn’t reachable from our monitoring server, you get a message via email and/or a text/SMS message (no extra cost). This service consists of several monitors, testing different parts of your system.

Website defacement: this is included in our Standard Package, monitoring web page(s) for a specific customer-defined phrase to ensure that it hasn’t been hacked or corrupted. Nothing can be more distressing and time consuming than repairing the damage done by a malicious change to your website.

Email monitoring: this set of monitors checks your email availability. We recommend a text/SMS message in the event of failure.

Additional monitoring: we also have the ability to monitor servers, databases and networks. If you are an ISP or IT Manager, give us a call we can discuss the options in greater detail.