Our basic monitoring package is 90% of what most people need to know to ensure their website is functioning properly.

This service includes the following monitors:

  • Website availability
    This service ensures that your website is reachable from the outside world. We will monitor the website’s main index page ( as well as a primary alias (
  • DNS resolution
    We will query up to three of your hosting company’s “name servers” to make sure they’re reachable. If one or more of your website DNS servers are unavailable, some or all website requests may fail even if your website’s server is functioning normally.
  • Basic Domain Name protection
    You or your hosting company must register your domain name with a Registrar or Registration Service Provider before you can use it, and before it is available to the outside world. Registration can be for one to ten years. Domain registration is actually a “license” that must be renewed. If you fail to renew your domain name license in a timely manner, it will expire and your website will no longer be reachable from the outside world. Our monitor will warn you several weeks in advance of the expiration date and continue until you successfully renew the domain name registration.
  • Website defacement
    Index page is included, $0.60 per month for additional pages or $6.00 per year per page prepaid). One of the worst things that can happen to a website is defacement — a hacker either gains access to your hosting company’s server or identifies your FTP username and password — using this information, the hacker modifies your website’s index page for some nefarious purpose. Our monitor can test a specific page (usually the site’s main index page) for the presence or absense of a specific phrase (you determine it) or for specific words (such as “gambling” or “sex”). Time is of the essence in correcting website defacement, since certain types of defacement can lead to website blacklisting as well as PR nightmares and hours or days of remediation. 

Cost for 5 minute monitoring: $5 per month or $50 per year prepaid;
Cost for 1 minute monitoring: $9 per month or $90 per year prepaid.
Setup fee: none
Contract period: month to month 

We also have some enhanced addons: 

  • Additional basic domain protection ($0.60 per domain name per month or $6.00 per year prepaid)
    This adds checks for additional domain name expirations that may or may not be hosted or aliased. Standalone purchase must be prepaid annual. There is a quantity discount for customers with more than 10 domain names.

  • Secure Site option ($2 per month or $20 per year prepaid)
    E-ommerce sites should be using a secure certificate to make sure certain page responses are encrypted. Specifically, pages that request entry of credit/debit card should always be made from a secure page. This service adds monitors to check that (a) your secure site is working properly and (b) your secure certificate hasn’t expired or isn’t about to expire.

  • Aliases ($1 per alias per month or $10 per alias per year prepaid)
    Some website owners will alias their domain to other Top Level Domain (.com, .org, .net) and some will register niche-names for internal sites. For example, your main domain name might be “” but you have also registered “” as well as “ and .net”. Each alias service includes our website availability check as well as basic domain name protection.