This is a partial list of the monitors we can provide. For a complete list of available monitors, visit the Nagios XI page. Pricing for setup varies, depending on complexity – some setups are free, some are not. Once a monitor is setup, our general pricing strategy is (a) minimum $5 per month, and (b) $0.60 per monitor (some exceptions). We will consider a discount for volume purchases.

Server Monitors: DHCP, DNS, FTP, Exchange Server, LDAP, Linux server, Mail server, Database server (MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle), another Nagios server, Radius server, Solaris, Windows server.

Website and Domain Monitors: DNS resolution, Domain expiration, SSH proxy, Website availability, Website Defacement, Website URL, Web transaction (synthetic), Email Delivery

Other Monitors

  • Temperature and humidity monitors: essential for server or equipment rooms (requires extra hardware)
  • Generic network monitoring
  • SNMP queries 
  • Mac OS/X or Windows Desktop
  • NRPE (remote server monitoring with installed software plugin); these monitors include disk space utilization, load, number of logged-in users, etc)
  • Passive checks, such as security alerts
  • Printers
  • TCP/UDP ports
  • VMWare

Custom Plugins (additional monitors): we have access to the entire plethora of open source contributed modules, as well as modules that we have developed on our own. At present, these are:

  • Validate synchronization of MySQL remote backup
  • NTP server (especially important for VOIP phone switches)

Finally: we have the ability to implement or write custom plugins for nearly any need. For example, we recently installed a custom plugin that validates synchronization of a MySQL database to a remote backup server. Development outside the framework of Nagios XI can be contracted for at our normal development rates.